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Recommended books for Spring

I Can Sing in English

Looking to give you child a head start in English language learning? ‘I Can Sing in English’ is a brilliantly fun collection of songs designed for 2-5 year olds to sing and dance along to, all the while learning English the natural way.


Amazing Walks in Wroclaw

Want to discover the hidden wonders of Wroclaw? Look no further than Amazing Walks in Wroclaw. With this book you can lead your friends and guests around Wroclaw on ten spectacular and eye-opening walks compiled by author Beata Maciejewska. Full of insider information and brilliantly presented, this book will open new doors to the city we love.


Żegnajcie błędy! Angielski dla Polaków

If you are having difficulties translating English word-by-word from your native Polish language, this book will get rid of all those annoying mistakes.  The book highlights the most frequently occurring mistakes made in English by Poles and comprises 25 dialogues written in a light-hearted, witty manner to help eliminate spoken errors. It is also accompanied by a CD with mp3 format dialogues.

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