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The International Photography Course: Principles, practice and techniques.

This 39-hour Photography Course is aimed at beginners and improvers who own a digital camera and want to unpack some of its amazing potential. Participants will learn how to operate their cameras in manual mode, make correct exposures and understand the basics like aperture, shutter speed and ISO.

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During the photography course you will learn:

Metering – the most important function of your camera

ISO – photo sensitivity explained in clear, jargon free terms

White balance – how to avoid unpleasant blue and yellow casts in your photography

Lenses – an in depth exploration, and how camera lenses can help add more creative control to your digital photography

Aperture – how to get the desired exposure using a combination of shutter speeds and aperture.

Depth of Field Various creative photography techniques : panning, freezing the subject, motion blur, zoom burst, light painting, etc.


Our photography course not only explains the basic science and nature of photography, but also introduces lots of hands-on practice sessions during which you will learn how to control and combine all different camera functions creatively.