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Regular courses

We run 2-semester (1 academic year) English courses preparing for Cambridge examinations / business English (October – June), also regular General English semester courses.

Intensive Summer Courses

1-month intensive: 48-hours (Mon – Thur 3 x 45 mins)
Guaranteed qualified native speaker
* General/Business English topics
* B1/B2/C1 levels
Small group 5-8 persons only
* Welcome pack (including a 6-month elearning course)
* All materials included
* Weeky progress test

Individual lessons

Individual classes come with the advantage that they are perfectly matched to meet your demands &expectations. A course programme is designed based on individual needs, drawing from a vast range of materials and solid experience.

Intensive individual courses

This innovative solution is created for those, whose aim is to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time. These courses are developed in a way that does not exhaust the student but pushes them to the limit of their abilities within a short period of time. The programme is tailored to each student individually.


We offer an E-learning platform that supports various level courses that take 6-months or less to complete. Developed by a team of British and Polish experts, it allows you to learn English systematically at any time or place of your choice, which makes it incredible flexible and a great addition to a regular course.