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Are you hungry for something good? Try our ‘SUNDAY LUNCH’



New for 2016 on RAM – ‘Sunday Lunch’ presented by Maciej Przestalski and RAM English Zone creator, Terry Clark-Ward.


Let’s face it, many RAM listeners use and understand the English language and finally there is a programme that caters for this on a regular basis.

Sunday Lunch’ is a fun-filled show in PL and ENG which has many features that should interest both Poles and foreigners in the city.


– In our Food Feature you can find out what people around the world eat together for Sunday Lunch.

– In our Clever Competition you will be able to listen to description of a typical Polish dish in English and have a chance to win a fantastic educational prize if you sms us with the correct answer in Polish.

– In our Culture Corner you will find out a few little-known facts about the amazingly rich culture of Wrocław – Europen City of Culture 2016.

In our Music Focus you will hear our brief analysis of a selected track for RAM café 10 and can also learn some vocabulary in PL/ENG for describing songs.


Each week we will be inviting a Special Guest – usually a foreigner doing something of cultural value here in Wrocław. Finally, you will hear regular weather and traffic updates in Polish and simple English – and that is definitely a first for Polish Public Radio!

 Are you hungry now? Join us for a tasty, hot serving of ‘Sunday Lunch’ every Sunday from 12, high noon, till 2.00 p.m. (12.00 – 14.00) only on 89.8 fm in the good tone!


Smacznego i Zapraszamy – Terry Clark-Ward and Maciej Przestalski : )


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