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Online English course

No time for a regular course? We have the solution!


There is no need for you to change your plans or waste time in traffic jams trying to get to a lesson. All you need is a computer or other mobile device with access to the internet. Sit comfortably, put a cup of your favorite tea next to you and… start learning!

This e-learning course recommended by the Queen’s School of English was created by qualified and experienced native speakers and Polish teachers under the supervision of the London Institute of English. Although it cannot fully replace a traditional course, it is a perfect support platform for additional lessons. It is also a great solution for busy people who lack the time for a regular course.


There are three simple steps to start an e-learning course:

1. Each user receives a certificate containing a login and password that allows them to log on to the website: www.institute-of-english.com.

2. The second step is test and chto complete a placement test to determine your current level: from Beginner to Upper-intermediate. (A1 – B2)

3. After choosing the level, you can start your 1-Year course in English!

What is e-learning?

Online, understandable and clear theory

All aspects of language: grammar, use of English, speaking, listening, reading.

Exercises prepared by qualified English teachers

Audio recordings of native speakers ready to listen to with tapescript to aid understanding.


E-learning is:

FULL IMMERSION – Full Immersion in the English language!

INDEPENDENCE – allows you to learn at any time and any place!

TIME SAVING – access to the course from any computer, wherever you are!

CONVENIENCE – easy to use thanks to the option of progress monitoring!

PERSONALISED LEARNING – an innovative tool that you can adjust to your needs!

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION – from the London Institute of English, confirming completion of the course at your level!

1-Year online English course at incredibly low price: instead of 300zł only 50zł! Offer is limited in time!